Seating Matters has extensive experience in solving seating problems in the areas of falls prevention, pressure injuries, bariatric seating and those with complex muscle contractures.

We have created the Milano™ to bring that clinical expertise and world-famous high quality to a universal, accessible chair.

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A revolution in seating design

The Milano™ tilt in space chair is designed as a simple, adjustable and affordable care chair. Perfect for Loan Stores, Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities.


Perfect for multiple users, the Milano™ can be easily adjusted in seat width, seat depth and footplate height to fit a different patient. As there is no velcro in the design, it passes very stringent infection control standards and makes re-issue and re-use of the chair.

Support and Quality

It gives support, comfort and pressure management to patients who have low to medium support needs and those who may still maintain a degree of mobility. The Milano™ takes the clinical features, the quality and the durability for which Seating Matters is known.


Milano™ Features


Designed for

  • Home Care
  • Care Facilities
  • Acute Care
  • Contracts
  • Equipment Loan Stores
  • Rentals

MILANO™ Accessories


This “C” shaped pillow provides lateral head support for clients with poor head control and encourages a midline head position.

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Provides additional safety during transit as well as providing a form of support for those who may have a tendency to slide out of their chairs or suffer from seizures.

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Pressure distribution is provided in the Milano™ due to the tilt in space mechanism, the Dartex multi-stretch material and reflex foam in the seat cushion. The Milano™ chair offers an adjustable back angle recline to accommodate the patient and the elevating legrest can be raised and lowered, also increasing patient comfort.

The push handle and castors allow the patient to be transported in the chair. It is fully hoist accessible which reduces moving and handling significantly.

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